Thanks to the front line medical workers by delivering them with lunch box and fortune cookies

Picture 1: Chinatown 628 Branch of the American Veterans Association and CCBA deliver lunch boxes to the Medical Center of the University of Southern California.

Picture 2: CCBA presents "fortune cookies" to medical staff, hoping to bring luck to everyone. 

With continuous spreading of Covid-19, CCBA supports the Chinatown 628 Branch of the American Veterans Association, and delivers 320 lunch boxes to Los Angeles County–USC Medical Center on May 29th at 11 am in the morning.

Situ Zhanhuan, the President of the Chinatown 628 branch said: "We used to go to the front line to defend our country. Now we must thank the medical staff on the front line for protecting us." Never before such a severe pandemic has occurred since he has been in the United States for over 60 years. Because of the stay-at-home order imposed to safeguard everyone’s health and prevented infection from the virus, many businesses in Los Angeles have to be temporarily closed. Medical personnel diagnose and treat patients with a high risk of infection. We hope that through these lunch boxes, we can express the community's gratitude to the hospital workers.

Member Hu Jianhao said that the Chinese restaurants in Chinatown are currently operating in miserable conditions due to the virus, and the owners are all operating at a loss. Therefore, they have specially purchased lunch boxes made by Chinatown restaurants. Besides thanking the medical staff, it also helps Chinatown to revitalize the restaurant business. In addition to lunch boxes, they also prepare fruits, bottled water and "fortune cookies". Hope that the "Fortune cookie" from the Chinese restaurants can bring luck to everyone.

CCBA President Mei Lau said that in addition to cooperating with the American Veterans Association to deliver lunch boxes to the medical units, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles also donated $30,000 to purchase lunch boxes. It is planned to make 300 to 350 lunch boxes each time and three times a week for the elders living alone in Chinatown. She said that fund raising will be started to help residents of Chinatown, providing masks and food for the elderly and low-income households. These actions to assist the community will continue.

Jorge Orozco, chief executive of the medical center, said that colleagues in the hospital are still working hard every day to ensure the safety of the community. At the present time, the hospital has sufficient personal protective equipment. Although there are still many patients in the hospital, there have not been a surge of infected patients. He is very grateful for the support of the community and thanks CCBA and Chinatown 628 Branch of the American Veterans Association for the lunch boxes delivered. He said that Chinese food is great and everyone loves it.