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Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles was established in 1955 and has a history of 64 years. It is a non-profit organization with the purpose of developing Los Angeles economy and trade and prospering the market. Any legitimate business or company, and those who are interested in community charity activities, can join and become members. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce often has various educational and social welfare activities. The monthly regular meeting invites businessmen and politicians to talk about business and economic issues. Dinner parties or receptions are often held to connect with political leaders and stakeholders, hold seminars about business and lectures on community service as well as discussion on Chinese culture and art, trade and worker welfare.

In order to prosper Chinatown, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce holds the Golden Dragon Parade during every Chinese New Year. It has become one of the typical festivals in California. Not only has it brought tens of thousands of tourists into Chinatown, but it has also deepened all ethnic groups’ recognition of Chinatown as well as the knowledge of Chinese Spring Festival and traditional folklore. This promotes the beautiful traditional Chinese culture to the public. Other activities of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce include the annual golf tournament, New Year’s dinner party, New Year Carnival Party, Little King and Little Queen Selection, Miss Chinatown Beauty Pageant, Mid-Autumn Festival Party, etc., as well as business lectures and seminars.

Since 1955, the successive chairmen of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce have been Kwong Wu Shi, He Hui Lin, Guan Tian Jin, Li Jin Chang, Zhou Da Wei, Chen Zhao Hong, Hu Shun, Hu Guo Dong, Zhu Wen Fang, Li Guo Wei, Zhao Rong Ri, Lin Yu Gui, Liang Jian Wen, Chen Jian Er, Li Shu Zi , Deng Wei Xin, Hu De Qun, Huang Chen Jie Xian, Liang Zhong He, Yu Guo En, Liang Qi De, Luo Wen Zhong, Zhuang Pei Yuan, etc. They have led the China Chamber of Commerce step by step to achieve today’s success. Thank you for the leadership of the chairmen as well as support from all sectors of community.

In a seminar organized by the Chamber of Commerce, former Los Angeles Mayor John Leighton Stuart pointed out that the Chinese Chamber of Commerce is a valuable source. It assists the Chinese community to understand and familiarize themselves with Chinese business and community-related issues. It also provides seminars to enable the Chinese and Los Angeles business folks ample of opportunities to communicate and cooperate together creating business opportunities.

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