Chinese Confucius Temple of Los Angeles

The Chinese Confucius Temple of Los Angeles is an organization which lectures Chinese language, passes on to future generations, and cultivates exquisite moral character education. Overseas Chinese seeks knowledge and study, emphasizing science knowledge, ideology/moral character education, to avoid stepping in the wrong path. Fortunately the overseas Chinese put forth money and effort, and fnally build up a standard Chinese language school. This permits overseas Chinese descendent having the opportunity to continue to develop and promote the learning and studying of the highly rated traditional Chinese culture and heritage, to understand the obedience to parents, to respect master and possess the ethnic’s morality concept.

In May 18, 1952, the Chinese Confucius Temple of Los Angeles and Consolidated Chinese Benevolent Association (CCBA) simultaneously completed each building project, and held the grand opening together. This was Los Angeles overseas Chinese unprecedented grand occasion.

At that time, old Chinatown had to be relocated because of the government’s plan to build the Union Station. Greater China Industrial Company, the developer for the new Chinatown, symbolically sold the Chinatown central section 923/925 North Broadway lot for $10, to build today’s CCBA.

with Huang Tian Xiang as Chairman, Kuang Nai Zhan as Vice Chairman, Huang Ba Quan and Hu Jie Min as General Affairs, Li Jia Tian, Huang Yi Ping and Ye Ying as Chinese Secretary, Tang Di Zhing, Liang Jin Yuan as English Secretary, Huang Nai Qing as Donation Collector, Quan Jie Dong as Treasurer, Zhang Xi Zhou and Huang De Rui as accountant, and Zhang Hui Pei and Liu Xian Ji as architect.

Besides the leftover donation money from the anti-war, it further raised another $60,000, for a grand total of $180,000 for the school construction and school opening expenditure. Immediately after, it bought 816 Yale Street as the permanent school address. This construction project was completed at the end of 1951.

Classes Offered at the Chinatown Chinese School

We offer a wide range of classes each semester. Click on the different types of classes below to learn more details.

Chinese Classes

  • Learn to speak, read, and write in the Chinese Language (both Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese are offered)
  • Educate yourself about the Chinese culture and traditions.
  • SAT Chinese course: National Preparation Test

After School Homework Tutoring Program

  • Tutors provide help to students struggling with the homework assigned from English School.

English and Math Tutoring Program

  • Students receive extra help and practice in English Language Arts and Mathematics, such as reading comprehension, grammar structure, writing, basic math, algebra, and geometry.
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Chinese Cultural Arts

  • Develop skills and knowledge of the Chinese culture with performing arts and various activities, including dancing classes, piano lessons, art classes.
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Summer Camp & Summer School Tutoring Program

  • Summer is the perfect time to practice and enhance your knowledge and skills in English, Math, and Chinese. Tutoring and educational classes are provided, in additional to fun learning activities.
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Winter Camp

  • Take advantage of the winter break to practice and improve on your academics. Participate in the Winter Camp Program to have fun while learning new things with educational activities and lesson plans.
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Hours: Monday - Friday Afternoon Phone: 1 (213) 625-8343

School Location: 816 Yale Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012