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CCBA Basketball Team

The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA) Basketball Association has a 25 years history. The establishment of this Association is inseparable from the promotion of Mr. Gong Shu Sen of the Chinese Sports Association and Mr. Zhang Yong Zhong, the veteran of the Lung Kong Tin Yee Association, to actively contact the Overseas Chinese leaders, perform various chores and provide funding, before finally received support and cooperation of the Overseas Chinese leaders, and form this basketball team belonging to the CCBA. (For details, please read Mr. Zhang Yong Zhong's Chinese Club Basketball Team Beginning).

In 2001, the veteran of the club, Mr. Huang Jin Quan, led our team to visit Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jiangmen, Kaiping, Taishan and other major cities to meet friends and strengthen the contact and communication with China.

With friendship first and competition second, we participate in the World Chinese Basketball Invitational Tournament held at home and abroad, in order to enhance and strengthen the connection and unity of Chinese people everywhere.

On November 22 this year, we will send another team to Shanghai to participate in the 24th World Chinese Basketball Invitational Tournament. The two-time friendly match held with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office was a win and a loss. But it played an important role in the promotion of sports and the unity of Overseas Chinese. Basketball is a group sport. The club has grown from one team to five teams, including the evergreen group, middle-aged group, youth group, and women's group. The development of the Association is also inseparable from the support and guidance of the previous leaders of the CCBA and the Overseas Chinese delegations, as well as the vigorous promotion of the CCBA Presidents. Of course, the support and understanding of the wives and family members of the teammates is also indispensable. Basketball is a sport of close contact. It is easy to collide with each other and cause friction. However, teammates have tolerated each other and treated each other with courtesy, and have been in peace for more than 20 years.

In the future, our colleagues will continue to work hard to recruit more young players to develop basketball for the Overseas Chinese community, and will live up to the support and hope of all Overseas Chinese leaders and basketball friends.

Life is an eternal movement! No matter how much you are willing to help others!

Happy life
1) Eliminate thoughts of hatred and revenge in your heart
2) Let go of your mind and be carefree, don’t worry about yourself
3) Simple life
4) Lots of tolerance for others and be yourself
5) Always do your best
6) Be helpful, no matter how much

As this special issue was finally made, it has received strong support and guidance from CCBA and other Overseas Chinese, as well as basketball teammates’ cooperation and economic support in advertisement. We herein sincerely appreciate the donations and cooperation from all walks of life, as well as the media press, and basketball teammates. We also thank JOE and VIVIAN for their technical support.

In the preparation of this journal, we are limited to experience. Mistakes and omissions are inevitable, and request for your understanding and comment.

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Chinese Club Basketball Team-Development and History

The CCBA Basketball Team from the beginning-Founder Zhang Yong Zhong

In the summer of 1982, the council members of the Southern California Chinese Sports Association met to discuss the preparations for the October 10 National Day basketball game. Suddenly, Vice President Gong Shu Sen said loudly, that "The CCBA has a century-old history and is a leading group of Overseas Chinese, why can't even a basketball team be sent out?" It makes sense when thinking about it as there is a lot of talent within. Because of more favorable soccer atmosphere in Guangdong and Hong Kong in the past, the Huaxing team and the Oriental Sports Club have been established since 1968, but all played soccer. The Qunfeng Volleyball Team was established, though not soccer, but is not basketball either. In fact, basketball is also a popular sport among Overseas Chinese, and there are many people enjoying it. I returned and discussed with my colleagues in CCBA. In October, the CCBA basketball team was formed. Regardless of age, height, size and skill level, anyone is welcomed to participate. Everyone pays for their share, rolls up their sleeves, and rents the venue to practice hard. I started from coaching, public relations, and pretty much handling all other miscellaneous tasks.

CCBALA was initially called Wei Liang Association and was established in 1889. It was located on the second floor of the Garnier Building on Los Angeles Street. This historic building is still in the Los Angeles Municipal Historical Park (El Pueblo De Los Angeles Historical Monument). Wei Liang Association was officially renamed as CCBALA in 1910.

A Disorganized Team

The lineup of the original team is as follows: Huang Jin Quan, Tan Ru Xi, Xie Ke Ping, Guan Yong Le, Lin Qing Shan, Kwong Zhao Hui, Zhou Zong Yan, Zhou Qiu Bin, Liu Yao Qian, Situ Yi Ming.... All of them are well-known overseas leaders, but they were a team of various physical features with its own merits! The very first match had interested the media already. Reporter Zhang Cheng Xun introduced the players in the newspaper. Tan Ru Xi was a Hong Kong South China soccer player. Zhou Zong Yan is Tak Ming Middle School athlete while Lin Qing Shan was from the Cheng Gong University team. Situ Yi Ming was Guangdong Kaiping athlete while Huang Jin Quan was from Taishan Middle School..., looked like a very strong team after all. However the result was not good as the team was formed in too short of a time. Everyone was not discouraged with continuous recruiting and practice.

A Loss is a Win

Back then, the players in the 45-year-old middle-aged group called "old Overseas Chinese" were actually new immigrants to the United States. After a lot of hard work, they finally had the opportunity to regain the good old day fitness in playing basketball. Regardless in winning or losing, it is a winner by just participating in the competition. What's more, CCBA President Huang Yuan Sheng, Vice President Zhu Guo Shen and several subsequent Presidents hosted dinner every time the team played as well as elated to chat on the basketball games. In 1983, the team added new blood Zhang Zhi Lun, Liang Bai Jian and others, but wins were judged to be losses due their underage. Despite the loss, we still felt winning. This situation didn't change until the 35-year-old group was formed, and elite players such as Ma Shu Rong, Huang Jing Bin, Yu Bi Li and others joined the team and made the team stronger. Other team members included Zhang Yong Heng, Guan Zhi Cong, Shen Hong, Zhang Guo Xiong, Guan Zhi Han, Zhang Zhi Sheng, Wu Shou Shan, Guan Ying Ming, Huang Ru Ze, Chen He Ling, Li Qi Tian, Zhang Yong Guang, Huang Rong, Zhang Rong Zan, Liang Jian Kang... This led to Chinese basketball gradually became famous.

First Medal

The first medal won by the CCBA team was the "Sportsmanship Award." In a 1983 match, a newspaper commentator wrote: " Huang Jin Quan shot with 2 basketballs... Guan Yong Le moved left to right like singing in the Cantonese opera... Lin Qing Shan still smiled even was knocked to the ground without a protest from anyone..." In short, everyone did his best winning this unprecedented medal while never achieved this again. This became the pleasant topic within CCBA. Every game result was reported during the CCBA meeting and led to a laugh from the audience. CCBA President as the basketball team’s official team leader, started with Huang Yuan Sheng, half-jokingly stated that they would hand over all positions during the handover period but the basketball team leader title. This applied to the coaching job as well. In English, it is a wish to ski happily until the leg is broken. I did a layup but landed on someone’s foot, and broke the bone partially, but still continued to play despite the injury. The joy of playing is really beyond words.

First Expedition

CCBA basketball team fame began to spread. In 1985, the CCBALA basketball team was invited by the San Francisco CCBA to play during annual spring banquet. Presumably a strong CCBALA team, the San Francisco CCBA dispatched the best local basketball team, "Tiger Wind Team" as well as welcoming by two lions in a grand fashion. CCBALA basketball team was treated as VIP with welcoming luncheon at noon and evening dinner at the Lung Gong Association spring banquet. It is not difficult to imagine that this game has become a real "game of friendship." Frequent courtesy manners at the basketball court were observed. Our team was "invincible" but shook hands to end the game with a draw in order to showcase the main purpose of this game of friedship.

Cherish the Memory Forever

After the expedition, morale was greatly boosted. CCBA basketball team formed a 35-year-old group and recruited talented players from the 26 Associations to strengthen the team. At this time, a god sent licensed basketball coach Huang (Ma Zhaolin), who was the secretary of the Consulate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles (real name was Luo Anqi Office of the North American Affairs Coordination Council, also referred to as the Coordination Office) was willing to help. He was sent by the country to Central and South America to provide basketball training assistance. After Gong Shu Sen's recommendation, the players were overjoyed respectfully invited Huang to be the coach. After all, Coach Huang is a regular coach and meticulous in teaching. During the five-year coaching period, he would attend every practice starting from scratch. As a result, CCBA basketball team was officially stepping into the right track, practicing various game plan strategies, gradually building up teamwork, and achieving worthwhile results. Because of Coach Huang, CCBA team and the Coordination Division Team (later renamed the Economic and Cultural Team) became brother teams, and frequently played each other. Coach Huang who came from the Consulate, became the opposing coach to the Economic and Cultural Team. For more than 20 years, both sides have had wins and losses. When CCBA lost, it would blame the loss as a "courtesy to the coach" When CCBA won, it will joke around as your coach taught us. The passing of Coach Huang became a forever cherished memory for players. Since then, the basketball team's desire to win and the ability to win have grown. Under the tutorship of Guan Yao Pei, Zhang Qi Jun and other coaches, CCBA basketball team had truly become a team that no one would dare to underestimate and winning 1st place and 2nd place trophy easily. When the 50-year-old group finished 1st place, the CCBA basketball team also officially became the power house in Los Angeles. Over the years, the basketball team had visited Boston, Seattle, and Houston with no fear. The team even went to Southeast Asia and played in many cities in mainland China. Yangzhou, Shantou, etc. with team members savoring such expeditions.

Beautiful cheerleader

Family members support was indispensable. CCBA basketball team also had a "beautiful cheerleading team" on the sidelines in every game. The wives and children of each team member prepared tea and water, provided towels, and paid close attention to scores and referees. CCBA basketball improved plays was a direct result of this beautiful cheerleading team. Wives of Zhang Yong Heng, Zhang Zhi Sheng, Guan Zhi Cong, Wu Shou Shan, et all were present in every practice. Even sons and daughters also joined the ranks of playing basketball.

Organize Team for Traditional Overseas Chinese associations

In 1989, my health problem required resting. Ma Shu Rong and others discussed the CCBA basketball team became officially under the CCBA organization. Although playing basketball was still personally funded, this change was approved and fully justified by CCBA.

Three generations practice togethe

Many of the teammates who played with me in the middle-aged team are now enjoying basketball together with all three generations. For example, Zhang Qi Jun, the daughter of sharpshooter Zhang Yong Heng, recently won the NCAA III Coach of the Year (2005), and also served as a coach for the CCBA basketball team. Zhang Zhi Sheng's two daughters grew up watching football on the sidelines and both became team players and coaches. Guan Zhi Cong's family are all basketball fans with father and son played together. Basketball brings the family closer together. Twenty-five years later, the 35-year-old group has been upgraded to the Evergreen group. Only Kwong Siu Hui and Zhou Zong Yan could still run around. Kwong Siu Hui's basket skill is still the same. Kwong Siu Hui’s wife wondered that playing basketball is supposedly losing weight, but his belly gets bigger instead? Well, you have to ask Kwong Siu Hui. Also Zhou Zong Yan’s 3-point basket is deadly and is the team’s secret weapon. Basketball is fun. I was fortunate to be part of CCBA basketball team at the beginning, and that is one of the happiest in my life.

Twenty-five years of glorious years! Facing the future to show friendship! -Ma Shu Rong

"Meet friends by playing basketball", "Friendship first, championship second"; these polite remarks often appear in sports competitions. It is true that after a quarter of a century, the CCBA basketball team, which has been playing basketball for 25 years, has always upheld this noble sporting sentiment and left a valuable example for the next generation..

Looking back 25 years of establishment and development of the CCBA basketball Association, it seems like it was just yesterday. In 1983, the Overseas Chinese leaders Huang Yuan Sheng, Huang Jin Quan, Zhou Qiu Bin, Tan Ru Xi, Zhou Zong Yan, Zhang Yong Zhong, Kwong Zhao Hui and Liang Bai Jian, who showcased playing basketball, also strived for sponsorship funding to maintain the team's development. Successive CCBA Presidents and Supervisors also contributed money and support to fully demonstrate unity among the Overseas Chinese.

Shu Rong joined the CCBA basketball team at the end of 1984 as new blood. In 1988, Zhang Yong Zhong, the liaison of the team, ceased work due to health problems. At that time, CCBA President Huang Zhen Hua, Vice President Yu Guo Zhu, and Supervisor Zhang Sun Fu unanimously agreed to entrust the affairs of the team to Shu Rong. Shu Rong accepted this responsibility and determined to create a better future for the basketball team.

To maintain the smooth operation of the basketball team, funding is indispensable. However, the team’s short of funding was often relied on Overseas Chinese donation. Shu Rong realized that this could not be a long-term plan. Therefore in 1989, he boldly suggested that the CCBA basketball team should be renamed as CCBA Basketball Association and incorporated under CCBA. The suggestion was accepted. Shu Rong was elected as the first chairman and began to actively organize various networking activities for fund raising. He received strong support from the Overseas Chinese community and the business community. Fund raising successfully netted US$14,000 and laid a good foundation for the CCBA Basketball Association.

It has been said that "famous teachers make good students." CCBA Basketball Association fully understood this principle. In the early days, it invited the national coach of the Republic of China Huang Xuan Lin serving as the coach. Later, Huang Xuan Lin left the team due to busy schedule; Guan Yao Pei, the coach of the Guangdong team, was in charge to maintain the players' skills level, and the team had won numerous awards and honors in various competitions.

Under the leadership of the second chairman Zhou Zong Yan, the third chairman Huang Jing Bin, and the current chairman Zhang Yong Heng, the CCBA Basketball Association continued to achieve remarkable results. In these twenty-five glorious years, although members come and go, the spirit of sport and unity were always in existence. Practice at Chinatown Alpine and Montebello High School took place every Tuesday and Thursday, rain or shine. Players had no resentment and fully demonstrated sportsmanship despite occasional rough plays.

On the evening of October 20, 2006, the CCBA Basketball Association celebrated its 25th anniversary at Chinatown’s Golden Dragon Restaurant. There were more than 400 guests including heads of Overseas Chinese delegations and athletes in the sports world. The event was unprecedented with past glorious memory and looking forward to the future.

In addition to "meet friends by playing basketball" in Southern California, CCBA basketball Association was often invited to participate in friendly matches around the world. From November 23 to 26, 2006, the team was invited to Suzhou, China to participate in the World’s 22nd Chinese Basketball Invitational Tournament. The team was led by Huang Jin Quan and Shu Rong as the honorary team leader. Team members included Zhang Yong Heng, head coach Guan Yao Pei, coach Zhou Zong Yan, assistant coach Ma Yong Fa, Evergreen Group players Zhang Yong Heng, Ma Shu Rong, Zhang Zhi Sheng, Guan Zhi Cong, Zhang Yong Guang, Wang Jia Heng, Tan Wen Hui, Wu Shu Liang, Roberto and Ju Wei Mei. Before the departure, CCBA head held a banquet to cheer for the team, and hope to strengthen the sports exchanges and friendship between Overseas Chinese and Chinese compatriots. The reputation of CCBA Basketball Association was known throughout Suzhou.

Basketball team staff and players





Coach Guan Yao Pei-Former Head Coach of Guangdong Women's Basketball Team Coach Kwan Zhang Qi Jun-Current Chapman University Women Basketball Team Coach
Coach Lei Shang Min Management Guan Zhi Cong
Affairs Zhang Zhi Sheng Honorary leader Golden spring
Team leader Wu Jing Qun, Huang Xin Zhou, Wu Yu Xi, Liu Guo Hao Honorary leader Ma Shu Rong, Zhang Yu Rong, Tan Ru Xi, Li Xin Xing, Zhang Yong Zhong

Evergreen Group





Team leader Zhang Yong Heng Player Ma Shu Rong, Kwong Siu Fai, Guo Rui Yao, Wang Jia Wei, Zhang Rong Zan, Zhang Zhi Sheng, Tony Liu, Li Qi Tian, Zhang Yong Guang

Youth group





Captain of Group A Guan Zhi Xin Player Zhang Yi Cong, Guan Zhi Ye, Guan Wen Su, Liu Qi, Jiang Min Qjun, Zhang Jia Cheng, Liu Qi Mng
Captain of Group B Lu Ding Feng Player Liu Li, Li Zi An, Liu Luo Lun, Jonathan Xu, Dai Shao De, Jin Hai, Jaime Liu
Captain C Zhou Guo Wei Player Aaron Zhou, Zhou Yong Cheng, Ma Yong Fa, Teddy Xiao, Zhao Lei, Zhang Zuo Zhi, Li Huan Hua