Consolidated Chinese Benevolent Association (CCBA) Fund Raising more than $30,000 to financially subsidize Wuhan

    Picture 1: CCBA President Mei Lau leads the overseas Chinese to
    assist Wuhan against the new virus.  

    Picture 2: CCBA leads many overseas Chinese groups and raises $31,200 to purchase materials and supplies to aid Wuhan against the new Coronavirus.  

The epidemic situation of this new Coronavirus, originated from Wuhan, (also called the Wuhan virus) is getting worse. CCBA starts the fund raising campaign with many Southern California Associations and collects $31,200 for supply purchase. Also plans a fund raising dinner at Chinatown’s Golden Dragon Restaurant on February 4 (Tuesday) at 6:30 pm and calls for active public donation. This will help China to fight against the deadly Wuhan virus. All donations are tax deductible.

The Wuhan virus spreads rapidly and makes everyone worried. CCBA President Mei Lau states that since CCBA is the leader for all Chinese Associations, it will follow the tradition to support whatever Wuhan needs with actions in order to fight against this virus. CCBA advisor Ma Shurong said donation received and supply purchased will be sent back to China via the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles.

Dr. Lee Tie Sheng, who has served in the Los Angeles Chinatown Service Center for more than 10 years, points out that even though this Wuhan virus is a low level pathogen, but it can still affect the respiratory system, primarily droplet infection (disease transmission through sneezing, coughing, etc.) between persons. Dr. Lee reminds everyone to pay attention to personal hygiene. For the sake of everyone’s health, do not hold large gathering, wear masks and frequent hand washing to avoid contracting the virus.

Chinatown Service Center has medical services to facilitate easier access for medical resources. Chinatown Service Center Chief Executive Peter Ng said that this center is qualified topurchase hundreds of thousands of medical supply anytime. Best price has already been negotiated with the suppliers to procure large quantity of general medical masks, N95 masks, medical gloves and medical gowns. It is estimated at least 200,000 general masks will be procured and quantity of other supplies to be purchased in accordance with the local need. Peter also mentions that the Chinatown Service Center has donated $5,000 to procure more supply.

Anyone who would like to donate, please sends your check to Chinatown Service Center, payable also to “ CHINATOWN SERVICE CENTER” , and specified for “Wuhan donation” . Since Chinatown Service Center is a non-profit organization, the donation is tax deductible.