Lung Kung Tin Yee Association


989 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 624-3530


The association was founded at Tao Yuan in the Eastern Han Dynasty. The Lew, Quan, Cheong and Chew four surnames were united to one under the family spirits of loyalty, justice, kindness, and courage.

In 1876, the families of Lew, Quan, Cheong, and Chew built a "Lung Kong Ancient Temple" in the heart of San Francisco Chinatown, a replica of the same Temple in Shui Kou County, Kaiping built in 1662 as a place of worship and meetings. As years passed, more four-family members arrived in San Francisco.

Around 1895, two four-family associations had organized: the San Francisco Lung Kong Association and the San Francisco Mu Tin Association (later changing its name to Ming Yee Association). The former engaged in fraternal activities such as providing a place for meetings, promoting social activities for members, and aiding newly arrived members from Guangdong Province, China. The latter was formed for the protection of its members from unfair hostility.


The California Gold Rush and construction of the transcontinental railroad in the mid-1800s led many men, especially from Guangdong Province, China, to immigrate to Los Angeles, California. Due to social hostilities and discrimination, most immigrants were forced to stay in the downtown Los Angeles St. area.

Many different family groups started to form family associations. In 1870, Los Angeles Lung Kong was founded and in 1928, the associations merged and was renamed Lung Kong Tin Yee Association. In 1887, a huge fre in Chinatown left Los Angeles St razed to the ground. The association was forced to move to the new Chinatown(the current Union Station). There, the new Chinatown had around seven thousand Chinese residents and was pretty prosperous.

Preparation for the new site

In 1945, the court ruled that new Chinatown was selected as a railway station, the association was planning for the rain thus built a two-story building on North Broadway. The construction was completed in 1949 and the inauguration ceremony of the new building was held on July 10 the same year.

Organization and activities

Every year, the association will sponsor the Chinatown Chinese elementary school by organizing fundraising activities and to support its martial arts lions group. Annually, scholarships are granted to members' kids and grandkids for their academic excellence.


For the past century, the association had created many glorious histories.

Hopefully, the later generation. of the four surnames will not be self- satisfied and should make persistent efforts, adhere to the spirit of the ancestors" loyal and benevolence; work together and seek common deeds for the community and the people.

羅省龍岡親義公所 (即劉,關,張,趙四姓) 主席: 關天成 | 副主席:劉健峰、張鵬輝、趙關遠

年份 主席
1967 劉尊拔
1968 關兆聰
1969 張培達
1970 趙偉康
1971 劉儒鉅
1972 關添錦
1973 張如灼
1974 趙持英
1975 劉根祥
1976 關炳強
1977 張灼意
1978 趙華育
1979 劉子鎮
1980 關勳錫
1981 張廷威
1982 趙達湛
1983 劉希源
1984 關崇律
1985 張蓀甫
1986 趙子襄
1987 劉根榮
1988 關燦仕
1989 張廣就
1990 趙尚賢
1991 劉振培
1992 關光振
1993 張錫藻
1994 趙泰來
1995 劉識
1996 關植漢
1997 張相堂
1998 趙汝逵
1999 劉賢愛
2000 關秉樞
年份 主席
2001 張永中
2002 趙教仁
2003 劉榮波
2004 關文煥
2005 張自豪
2006 趙尚賢
2007 劉渭
2008 關梓暖
2009 張志聖
2010 趙錦棠
2011 劉國豪
2012 關文英
2013 張榮贊
2014 趙汝逵
2015 劉光明
2016 關質聰
2017 張國雄
2018 趙榮
2019 劉健峰
2020 關天成
2021 張鵬輝
2022 趙關遠