Lim’s Family Association


1301 North Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90012

(626) 380-70134

THE HISTORY OF LIM LAM LUM Bi Gan was uncle of King Zhou of Shang Dynasty ( 1122 B.C. ). He was an honest advisor to the King, but the King didn’t like his advice and had him executed, by means of tearing out his heart. Upon hearing this, his pregnant wife knew the king will come after her, so she escaped into a rocky cave in the forest, and gave birth to a boy, After King Zhou was overthrown by King Wu of Zhou Dynasty King Wu knew about the courageous advisor, since the boy gave birth, so the King pronounced the boy’s last name FOREST. The word FOREST, when translated to Chinese, is LIM, LAM, LUM, or LIN, depends on what area you are from. Bi Gan is now called the God of Money.


The Lim Family Assn was founded in 1920, The mission of the organization is to support and encourage growth among the Chinese living in America. Our Members would provide economic and educational opportunities, as well as immigration and legal assistance to Chinese immigrants.

Bach in the 1950s, there were very few Lim Family Members in the greater Los Angeles area, it was very difcult for members to congregate for meeting and social activities, due to lack of a meeting place.

During the 60s and 70s as the members of the Lim in the Los Angeles area proliferated, the need of a permanent site to serve the members was becoming more evident, The Lim Family elder statesmen volunteered to spearhead the drive to fnd a suitable permanent home for the assn. After countless months of searching and negotiating with property owners, and securing the necessary fnancial backing of the members, their efforts culminated in the purchase of the present building on 1301 n. Main Street, Los Angeles.

羅省林西河堂 主席: 林鐘博 | 副主席: 林繼鳴

年份 會長
1951--1952 金養
1953--1954 榮添
1955--1956 舉茂
1957 日初
1958--1959 德鏡
1960--1961 晉南
1962--1963 金海
1964--1965 榮添
1966--1967 德鏡
1968 榮添
1969--1970 兆偉
1971--1972 友均
1973--1974 宇藩
1975--1976 超豪
1977--1978 蔭溥
1979--1980 宇藩
1981--1982 家煦
1983--1984 慶善
1985--1986 秉權
1987--1988 進琰
1989 傳倉
1990--1991 振霸
1992 慶善
1993 仕權
1994--1995 友均
1996--1997 禎祥
1998--1999 餘善
年份 會長
2000--2001 蘇文
2002--2003 文傑
2004 秉文
2005--2006 文傑
2007--2008 偉權
2009--2010 慶善
2011--2012 偉權
2013--2014 繼鳴
2015--2016 偉權
2017--2018 社潮
2019 鐘博
2020 鐘博