Kong Chow Benevolent Association


931 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 6261955


In 1851, the overseas Chinese frst formed the Kong Chow Benevolent Association in San Francisco. The members are Chinese from Hoy Shan, Xinhui, Hoy Ping, En Ping, Heshan, Si Hui, Chi Xi.

The Kong Chow Benevolent Association currently consists of members from Xinhui and Heshan districts only.

The Los Angeles Kong Chow Benevolent Association was established in 1889 with 130 years of history. We are also one of the few 501(c)(3) nonproft charitable organizations in Chinatown.

We donate thousands of dollars annually in the form of scholarships, education endowment funds and donation to other Chinese and American charitable organizations.

Our yearly activities consists of Year-end banquet, Spring Banquet, Ching Ming , Picnic, Building Anniversary and Scholarships banquet.

We also have Kong Chow Convention every three years to meet other charters’ members. On Tuesdays, we have fellowships in the form of karaoke, choir practice and dinner.

Our staff consists of highly trained professionals and scholars from the fields of medical, engineering, education, manufacturing, business, and yes, housewives.

洛杉磯岡州會館 (即新會和鶴山人士) 主席: 勞尊佑 | 副主席: 駱淑儀

年份 主席 副主席
1993-1994 梁國光 William Leong 李才俊 William Lee
1995 李才俊 William Lee 林慶善 William Lam
1996-1997 吳北鴻 William Eng 黃珍芳 Virginia Wong
1998-1999 黃珍芳 Virginia Wong 何松生 Kenneth Ho
2000 李林麗英 Lillian Jang 蔣馬援 Marvin Chiong
2001-2002 何松生 Kenneth Ho 蔣馬援 Marvin Chiong
2003-2004 蔣馬援 Marvin Chiong 呂鍚基 Sikee Louie
2005-2006 呂鍚基 Sikee Louie 蔣郭慧珍 Selina Chiong
2007-2008 蔣郭慧珍 Selina Chiong 呂榮芳 Wing F. Lew
2009-2010 呂榮芳 Wing F. Lew 呂惠棠 David W. Lui
2011 呂惠棠 David W. Lui 陳鈞銘 Kwan-Ming Chan
2012 呂惠棠 David W. Lui 陳鈞銘 Kwan-Ming Chan 呂梁蘭芳 Mabel Lew
2013 呂惠棠 David W. Lui 呂梁蘭芳 Mabel Lew
2014-2015 呂梁蘭芳 Mabel Lew 陳鈞銘 Kwan-Ming Chan
2016 黃珍芳 Virginia Wong 吳富亨 Fu Hang Ng
2017 黃珍芳 Virginia Wong 黃瑞婉 Cecilia Huynh
2018-present 呂梁蘭芳 Mabel Lew 勞尊佑 Thomas Lo