Ning Kui Kong Wue Association


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The original name for Taishan County was Xinning County, a county defned with low hills in the

outskirts. There were three (3) counties within China ft into this description; therefore all were named
as Xinning County. To distinguish from other Xin-
ning County, the name was later modifed as Taishan County in 1914. With overlapping ranges of high mountains and limited cultivable land, industry was non-existed. Supply of labors well exceeded the demand. The chaos from the 1842 Opium War and the 1850 rebellion against the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom created further devastation as people had no means to make a living. It just happened that the US needed labor force to start up the western railroad work. This dream of gold fortune tempted many Chinese to leave the homeland and arrive in US for labor work. People from Taishan were the pioneer and frst wave of these overseas Chinese. Once arrived in the US, language barrier and un-accustomed to the foreign land made life very difcult, therefore requiring them to be united. In 1954, besides the Hoy Sun Ning Yung Association headquarters established in San Francisco, there were many other Hoy Sun Ning Yung Association branches in other cities. This made it second to none in terms of association size and geo- graphic statistics.

Course of Development and History

The Los Angeles Hoy Sun Ning Yung Association was established in College Street in January 27, 1929 with a joint participation from its fraternal partner Hoy Sun Ning Kui Kong Wue Association. The main objective was to strive for homeland beneft, uphold traditional spirits, promote Chinese culture and advocate democracy freedom.

In winter of 1949, Ning Yung Association President Zun Xiang Liu, Ning Kui Kong Wue Club President Yao Wen Huang and Building Committee  member Fu Chang Liu proposed the preparation of building site, thus forming the Baizihui (Hundreds of Children’s Club) to begin the purchase of building. The donation team was divided into 5 groups, led by Guang Yan Huang, Zun Xiang Liu, Fa Jun Lei, Hua Xiu Li and Ji Huo Zhu. They visited several cities for fund raising campaigns. Support from the Wuyi Overseas Chinese made this charity affair easy to achieve. In August 12, 1956 (lunar year July 7th), it conducted the building’s grand opening ceremony.

Organization of the lion dance group

In May 1958, the lion dance group was being organized. Situated within the complex US society, it was good to promote the Chinese culture and elevate the national sport level. With Zun Xiang Liu and Bai Quan Huang as the head of the group, and Yi Ping Huang as the director, this lion dance group showed off its skills during New Year with dazzling display of strength, to discredit this “sick man of East Asia” slogan.

In accordance with the regulations, Los Angeles Hoy Sun Ning Yung Association establishes one President, two Vice Presidents, a Chinese and English secretary. Same applies to Ning Kui Kong Wue Association, as it establishes one Club President, two Club Vice Presidents, Treasurer, and secretary. Council has Chairman and Vice Chairman, 21 senators, plus Building Management Committee. The above as-mentioned ofcials carry a term of one year with no more than two terms served consecutively. Voting for ofcials occurs in November each year. All administrative expenditures relied on donations. Each year will celebrate New Year Eve, New Year, Spring Banquet, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to provide close interaction and friendship buildup among all members. In 1995, Hoy Sun Ning Yung Association successfully conducted the all US National Convention in Los Angeles. In March 23, 2019, it also celebrated its 90th anniversary. 



台山寧陽會館/台山寧僑公會 主席: 關榮撰 | 副主席: 譚偉明 周賜軒

年份 寧陽主席
1951 劉尊平
1952-1958 李華秀
1955-1958 劉尊湘
1959 雷法均
1960 劉顯濟
1961 雷法均
1962 劉顯濟
1963-1964 黃伯泉
1965-1966 黃伯泉
1966-1968 黃伯泉
1969-1970 林德鏡
1971-1972 黃伯泉
1973-1974 黃健文
1975-1976 林德鏡
1977-1978 黃健文
1979-1980 劉希源
1981-1982 譚汝熙
1983-1984 黃健文
1985 林友均
1986 黃堯政
1988 丘永沾
1989 黃伯英
1992-1993 黃文創
1994-1995 黃學林
1996-1997 劉國貴
1998-1999 馬培道
2000-2001 李新興
2002-2003 譚振爙
2004-2005 黃漢傑
2006-2007 黃偉林
2008-2009 李榮傑
2010-2011 伍尚齊
2012 伍俠山
2013-2014 李錦生
2015-2016 劉榮亮
2017-2018 劉國豪
2019 黃勇華
2020 黃勇華
年份 寧僑主席
1951 黃伯泉
1952-1954 黃耀文
1955 劉倫
1956 黃耀文
1957 林榮添
1958-1962 黃伯泉
1963-1964 鄺如森
1965-1966 黃伯泉
1967-1968 朱國伸
1969-1970 黃伯泉
1971-1972 林榮添
1973-1974 黃元生
1975-1976 黃健文
1977-1978 劉希源
1979-1980 譚汝熙
1981-1982 丘永沾
1983-1984 林友鈞
1985-1986 朱國伸
1987-1988 朱述湯
1989 劉尊登
1990 劉國貴
1991 國兆輝
1992 陳梓勝
1993 倪沃棠
1994 黃汝樞
1995 馬樹榮
1996-1997 黃華雙
1998 陳子儒
1999 黃榮俊
2000-2001 馬培道
2002-2003 李喜儀
2004 李榮傑
2005 馬國威
2006-2007 李榮傑
2008-2009 黃新周
2010-2011 黃偉林
2012 劉國英
2013 黃卓才
2014 劉國英
2015-2016 黃勇華
2018-2019 伍堅偉
2020 黎健強