Gee Poy Kuo Association


939 1/2 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 626-8839

The Los Angeles Gee Poy Kuo Association was founded in 1930 and frst served as the Zi Yang Communication Center, located in old Chinatown.

In May 1961, four predecessors Kei Wu, Kei Dan, Sung Toi, and Pon Shek loaned funds to purchase the current Gee Poy Kuo Association building located at: 939 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. The frst floor and the basement are rented out and the second floor serves as the ofcial Gee Poy Kuo Association meeting place. The mission of the Gee Poy Kuo Association is to promote networking, community services, and charitable services, operate as a non-proft organization, advocate for democratic politics and spread ethical culture. The Association is supported through collection of rent, membership dues, and donations.

羅省朱沛國堂 主席: 朱匡文 | 副主席: 朱兆杰

年份 會長
1945-1966 朱箕活
1967 朱盤石
1968 朱箕護
1969 朱以中
1970-1972 朱自強
1973 朱上進
1974-1975 朱可良
1976-1977 朱裘良
1978 朱國伸
1979-1980 朱文義
1981-1982 朱述湯
年份 會長
2001-2013 朱匡時
2014 朱澤瀾
2015-2017 朱耀庭
2018-2020 朱匡文
2021 朱匡文
2022 朱匡文