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The Eng Family Interim Office in Los Angeles, the precursor of the Eng Family Benevolent Association was established in 1974. Currently, our membership roster numbers over 200, and we are the “younger” member of Los Angeles’ Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA). We regularly appoint two members each to represent our Association on CCBA’s Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors.

Our Eng forefathers first settled in Seattle, and the Eng Family Association there was founded in early 20th Century. Later, a large number of Engs moved to New York, engaging in the laundry business. During the 1940s, some began to move to Southern California for its balmy weather.

In the summer of 1972, Bill Lee Ng of Bakersfield and Kai Fan of New York came to Los Angeles to solicit contributions to the Eng’s National Convention held in New York the same year. They conveyed to the Convention the wishes of the Los Angeles Engs to establish a local family association. The Convention resolved to appoint the Western Region Grand President and the San Francisco Headquarter staff to guide the Los Angeles clansmen to bring their wishes to reality. Dr. Jolson Ng was sent to San Francisco to discuss the details. On February 17, 1974, the Los Angeles Eng Family Interim Office was established. The Chairperson and Vice-chair were Eddie Poy and Jolson Ng respectively. An inaugural dinner emceed by Benjamin Ng at Hong Kong Low numbered 33 tables, including over sixty Wongs, which spoke for the close fraternal tie between the Wongs and the Engs.

In 1976, with the help of Mr. Poy Wong, then President of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, we rented one of CCBA’s properties at 938 ½ Chung King Road. Thus, our Association was officially established on the day of our Spring Banquet in April 1977. The first President was Jolson and Shui San Ng the Vice-president. Our monthly meetings have been held continuously without interruption since then.


由尚修夫人及新倫夫人領導,每次月會 皆有精美點心、糕餅熱烈款待,婦女們對公 所歷年之貢獻及捐輸,是本公所同仁有目共 睹,亦極為欣賞者。
1977 saw the establishment of the Ladies’ Guild, under the able leadership of May & Ivy. Our ladies were and remain indispensable in providing gourmet dim sum & traditional dishes at the monthly meetings, as well as playing a supportive role wherever and whenever needed. Their efforts are recognized and much appreciated.


由競群擔任部長,達斌、壽鵬、艷愛姑及 Dorothy等為委員,舉行萬聖節及聖誕化裝舞 會,亦與婦女部協辦郊遊,該年又與黃氏青 年作球類比賽。
In 1978, the Youth Group, led by Peter, was started, with Ben, Raphael, Beverly, and Dorothy actively assisting. Highlight activities were the Halloween & Christmas parties, and the annual picnic co-sponsored with the Ladies’ Guild. We also had sports competitions with the Wong’s Youth Group.


宗親們在從成立通訊處之時已經有自置會 所的願望,公所第二屆主席瑞珊(1979)副 主席壽鵬及當年置業籌款委員會主席燦章、 聯同歷任美西總長及元老之璇燦及聯賀發動 籌款,以十四萬元購得418 Cottage Home街 為永久會址,得羅省及各地宗親熱烈響應, 乃底於成。
Back in the days of the Interim Office, our members had already expressed the desire for a permanent home. The second President, Shui San (1979), was the indefatigable force behind making the dream a reality. With the fundraising expertise and support of the Western Region Grand President and now Elder Thomas of San Francisco and Luen Ho, and the enthusiastic support and fundraising efforts by devoted local members as well as members in other cities, we purchased our permanent home at 418 Cottage Home Street.


獎學金委員會是於1983年4月成立,以獎學 基金所得之銀行利息分派成績優良之伍氏子 女,每年於夏季郊遊時頒發,藉以鼓勵子弟 勤力向學,成良好風尚。
April 1983 saw the establishment of the Scholarship Committee. At the annual picnic, scholarships and plaques are awarded to children of male and female members who submit school reports showing “A” grades. The money comes out of interest earned from the Scholarship Fund.


主席璇廣及副主席達斌、聯瑛,繼往開來 籌得廿餘萬元將公所拆平,重新建設,由啟 鵬工程師負責監工,於1992年春宴時正式揭 幕,美侖美奐,冷氣設備,樓高兩層,並佈 置一新,與通訊處時期確有天淵之別也。

In 1991, then-President Ed, and Vice-Presidents Ben and Larry raised over two hundred thousand dollars to construct a new, air-conditioned, the two-story building with modern interior decorations. Pang lent his engineering expertise to act as inspector during construction. What a difference between the new building and the interim office!


本公所歌唱團於1993年七月組成,得以 在該年於羅省舉行之全美伍氏懇親大會上演 唱。
In July 1993 our Chorus was organized to augment the entertainment program at the National Convention held in Los Angeles that same year.


是年本公所參加於西雅圖舉行的世界伍氏 懇親大會,在會中倡議因應時代需求,成立 網站,以便利通訊聯絡,十五年間,各地公 所包括中國兩岸,紛紛響應,為我公所重要 的傳播工具,璇廣元老及公子健強,皆為現 任網頁主管,居功至偉。
During the 6th World Eng Convention held in Seattle in 1999, our Association proposed setting up a website to facilitate communication between all the Eng Associations worldwide. After 15 years, our online network includes not only Eng Associations in the U.S. and Canada, but also China, Taiwan, and other Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines. Much credit is due to our Elder Ed and his son, Steven, who serves as the webmasters.

新一代伍氏子女NGG( the Next Generation Group)成立在2006年,眾多位年青伍氏 子女,成立Next Generation Group( NGG) ,為我公所之新青年部,招羅伍氏青少年, 參加公所活動,主導主流社區福利工作,如 就業講座,健康講座,華埠畫廊漫遊等。歷 年來在首任部長煒良(2006-2007)及隨後歷 屆部長:培瑄(2008-2009)、望東(2010- 2011)、永昌(2012-2013)及偉業(2014- 2018)的英明頜導下,其成員皆熱心支持本 公所之運作,每逢公所有甚喜慶,都鼎力與 婦女部合作負責午餐供我宗親享用。為表楊 父母親生男育女之工勞,每年於六月份NGG 又設備豐盛午餐同慶雙親節。
The Next Generation Group (NGG) was established in 2006. To quote an excerpt from its mission statement, It aims “to spearhead the efforts of generating involvement in activities that will continue the traditions of the family association, preserve and celebrate its history and achievements, and enhance its social relevancy and communal the purpose for future membership”. NGG has held activities such as Youth Career Days, Health seminars, and Chinatown art gallery tours. Over the years, under the progressive leadership of NGG’s first Chair, Lance Ng (2006-2007), and his successors: Janice Ng (2008-2009), Tracy Quinto (2010-2011), Wayne C. Ng (2012-2013) and Darren Ng (2014- 2018), its members have been very supportive of the association’s activities. During special celebration events, they also assist the Ladies’ Guild in providing lunches to the Engs and guests.

伍胥山公所及成員和社區及各僑團關係 一向密切和諧及儘可能參與一切活動。本公 所乃世界伍氏宗親會及全美伍胥山總公所之 成員,除參加一切活動外,於1993年及2009 年承辦全美懇親大會在羅省舉行。競群是 現任世界伍氏總會理事長,璇廣為現任副監 事長,多位前任主席獲選為美西總長:璇廣 (1994-1995)、達斌(2000-2001)、競群 (2004-2005)、俠山(2010-2011)、尚齊 (2016-2017)及永昌(現任美西副總長) 。除此之外,尚齊曾任中華會館主席,而競 群亦曾任中華會館主席並是現任華埠服務中 心總裁,俠山曾任寧陽會館主席,達斌代表 中華會館出席華埠安全協會之委員會已超廿 年,巳故前主席聯瑛曾任中華會館副主席及 副監事長,永遠顧問伯樑亦曾任華埠重建局 諮詢委員,其他會員亦曾先後在本地各僑團 擔任要職,例如伍健(同源會會長)、健庭 (現任同源會會長)、偉亨(秉公堂主席) 、思法(合勝堂主席)等。本公所各項活動 多歡迎伍黃兩姓宗親參與,例如公所青年部 ( NGG)每年舉辦慶祝雙親節之餐會,黃氏 約有三十多人參加,一同歡樂,無分彼此, 而每年春宴更是交誼之機,光臨助慶之社團 人士達百多人。
Our Association has always maintained a harmonious relationship with the Chinatown community and organizations and the Los Angeles the community at large. We support and strive to participate in all activities sponsored by the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA). We are actively participating members of the World Eng Family Association as well as the U.S. National Eng Family Association. We successfully hosted the 1993 and 2009 National Conventions. Elder Peter was a Past President and a current Elder of the World Eng Association. Past presidents who were elected Western Region Grand Presidents of the National Eng Association include Ed (1994-1995), Benjamin (2000-2001), Peter (2004-2005), Tenny Ng (2010-2011) and Wayne S.C. Ng (2016-2017), and Wayne C., the current Vice-Grand President of the Western Region. Our leaders also hold or have held important positions in other Los Angeles Chinatown Associations. Wayne S.C. and Peter is both former CCBA Presidents and Peter is the current CEO of the Chinatown Service Center; Tenny is a past president of Ning Yung Association; Benjamin has represented CCBA on the Board of Chinatown Public Safety Association for over 20 years; the late Larry Ng, another past the president was a CCBA Vice-President and ViceChair of its Board of Supervisors; Jolson, the Eng Association’s 1st President served many years in the Chinatown Citizens Advisory Board to the L.A. CRA Committee. Other members have assumed leadership positions, too: Winston Wu and Rick Eng (Past-President and current President respectively of Chinese American Citizens Alliance), Harry (President of Bing Kong Tong) and Se Fat (President of Hop Sing Tong). We welcome non-members to our functions, especially our brothers and sisters from the Wong Family Association, such as the annual “Parents Day” luncheon hosted by NGG when 30 or more Wongs would attend. The annual Spring Banquet always serves as an apt occasion for socialization, networking, and renewal of friendship, with 100 or more community leaders attending each year.

伍胥山公所現任 主席: 伍永強 | 副主席: 伍健庭

年份 主席 副主席
1974-76(通訊處) 新倫 Eddie Poy 伯樑 Jolson 國鈿 Kwok Tin
1977-78(公所成立) 伯樑 Jolson 瑞珊 Shui San
1979-80 瑞珊 Shui San 壽鵬 Raphael
1981 瑞珊 Shui San 競群 Peter
1982-84 瑞珊 Shui San 璇廣 Ed
1985-88 璇廣 Ed 達斌 Ben
1989-93 璇廣 Ed 達斌 Ben 聯瑛 Larry
1994-95 達斌 Ben 聯瑛 Larry
1996-97 聯瑛 Larry 啟鵬 Pang 競群 Peter
1998 啟鵬 Pang 競群 Peter 鐵民 Tieh-Min
1999 競群 Peter 鐵民 Tieh-Min
2000 競群 Peter 鐵民 Tieh-Min 俠山 Tenny
2001-02 俠山 Tenny 鐵民 Tieh-Min 國材 Tommy
2003 鐵民 Tieh-Min 桂芳 Alex
2004 桂芳 Alex 福添 Fook Him
2005 桂芳 Alex 福添 Fook Him 尚齊 Wayne S.
2006 尚齊 Wayne S. 福添 Fook Him
2007 尚齊 Wayne S. 福添 Fook Him 國材 Tommy
2008 桂芳 Alex 子行 Richard
2009 尚齊 Wayne S. 艷愛姑 Beverly 煒良 Lance
2010 艷愛姑 Beverly 煒良 Lance
2011 艷愛姑 Beverly 煒良 Lance 子行 Richard
2012-13 煒良 Lance 子行 Richard 澤全 Stanley
2014-15 澤全 Stanley 子行 Richard 永昌 Wayne C.
2016-17 永昌 Wayne C. 國胜 Sam 雁娟姑 Amy
2018 國胜 Sam 雁娟姑 Amy
2019 國胜 Sam 碧荷姑 June 雁娟姑 Amy
2020 伍永強 伍健庭
2021 伍永強 伍健庭
2022 伍國勝 伍艷