Chinese Women’s New Life Movement Club


925 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012



The Chinese Women’s New Life Movement Club was originally founded in 1939 as “New Life Club, Los Angeles Chapter - Women’s Committee” by Madame Chan (Sau Hong) under the direction of Madame Chiang (Mei Ling) in an effort to complement the Los Angeles Chinese Women’s NewLife Movement Society by Madame Chiang.

Madame Chan dedicated a lifetime of service to the Club and was instrumental in some of the Club’s past activities including raising funds for the Republic of China during the war and engaging female volunteers to manufacture military uniforms and first aid supplies for the soldiers.  

Its Functions

The Chinese Women’s New Life Movement Club is guided by the principles of the Los Angeles Chinese Benevolent Association, and is recognized as the sole organization comprised of all female members among the Association’s subsidiaries. Its principles are to promote freedom and democracy, support the Republic of China, embrace our country, families, nation, and promote harmony and collaboration among different Chinese organizations.

The Club provides services to the community in many ways, such as helping Chinese immigrants to apply for medical benefits, translating English/Chinese documents, resolving domestic disputes for female immigrants, etc.

It also strives to implement meaningful activities to improve the well-being of the elderly and encourages youths to learn Chinese culture. Furthermore, the Club supports qualifed candidates of Chinese descent to run for public office.

The Club meets once a month and holds a birthday celebration for members every quarter.

In addition to participating in activities of the Los Angeles Benevolent Association and other charitable organizations, the Club hosts events for the Women’s Festival on March 8, Chinese New Year, Moon Festival, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and schedules visits to convalescent homes
and centers for seniors.

羅省婦女新運會現任 主席: 朱碧雲 | 副主席: 呂梁蘭芳 余翠媚

年份 會長 副會長
2007 江玉瓊 黃鍾艷珍、張麗卿
2008 江玉瓊 黃鍾艷珍、張麗卿
2009 江玉瓊 黃鍾艷珍、張麗卿
2010 黃鍾艷珍 張麗卿
2011 黃鍾艷珍 張麗卿
2012 張麗卿 方美瓊、朱碧雲
2013 張麗卿 方美瓊、朱碧雲
2014 方美瓊 艷桃紅、余艷濃、朱碧雲
2015 方美瓊 艷桃紅、余艷濃、朱碧雲
2016 廖美華 王寶惠、馬黃思明
2017 廖美華 王寶惠、馬黃思明
2018 黃美霞 黃翠媚、黃瑞婉
2019 黃美霞 黃翠媚、黃瑞婉
2020 朱碧雲 呂梁蘭芳 余翠媚
2021 朱碧雲 呂梁蘭芳 余翠媚
2022 朱碧雲 呂梁蘭芳 余翠媚