Chinese American Citizens Alliance


415 Bamboo Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90012

 (213) 628-8015

Since its establishment on May 15, 1912, the Chinese American Citizens Alliance Los Angeles Lodge has been advancing the welfare of the community and to advocating Chinese American civil rights by fighting racial discrimination, opposing anti-immigrant movements, promoting American citizenship and expanding voting rights. The organization plans for our future by developing talented youth by offering college scholarships and leadership training; organizing youth councils and a mock trial foundation team; and sponsoring national art, national essay, and oratorical speech contests.

First incorporated in San Francisco as the “Native Sons of the Golden State (NSGS).” First Chinese American civil rights organization in the U.S. Only U.S. citizens of Chinese descent are eligible to join.

Los Angeles Lodge of the NSGS is established.

The NSGS name is changed to Chinese American Citizens Alliance (C.A.C.A.).

C.A.C.A. National headquarters on Stockton Street, San Francisco, is completed.

C.A.C.A. publishes an influential Chinese daily – “Chinese Times.”

C.A.C.A. testifies before U.S. Congress advocating for the repeal of the discriminatory laws against Chinese Americans, and for fair immigration policies and laws such as 1946 law.

U.S. Congress repeals the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, establishes a token immigration quota for China of 105 visas per year, and granted Chinese immigrants' naturalization rights.

As a major proponent of gaining immigration rights for Chinese wives, C.A.C.A. is presented with the pen used by President Harry Truman in signing legislation allowing Chinese wives of the U.S. citizens to enter as non-quota immigrants.

C.A.C.A. advocates the passage of the McCarran-Wlater Acts that provide non-quota status for spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens.

C.A.C.A., working with the Chinese Welfare Council continues to promote the rights of Chinese immigrants and to support the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act that increases more immigrants from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

C.A.C.A. joins with other Asian American organizations in calling for justice over the Vincent Chin killing.

In celebration of C.A.C.A. 100th Anniversary, a 1996 National Calendar of Festivals and Celebrations of Chinese Americans is published by L.A. Lodge using the winning student artworks of the National Art Contest.

Los Angeles Lodge hosts an Asian American Students In Action workshop and Youth Leadership Conference.

Protests against the unfair treatment and prosecution of Taiwanese-American scientist Wen Ho Lee.

Los Angeles C.A.C.A. and CCBA join to convene the Chinatown Yards Alliance, a coalition composed of over 30 community and environmental organizations, to fight and successfully obtain a 32-acre Cornfeld land for the Los Angeles State Park.

Los Angeles C.A.C.A. Youth Council is established under the leadership of Los Angeles C.A.C.A. presidents Winston Wu and Chi Mui, to encourage student leaders to be active in community service.

C.A.C.A. leads the campaign for the passage of Congressman Mike Honda’s House Resolution (HR415), recognizing the loyal participation of Chinese and Asian Americans in the U.S. Civil War.

C.A.C.A., as one of the original lead community co-sponsors campaigns successfully for passage of House Resolution (HR 683), and Senate Resolution (SR201) that formally expressed Regret for the Congressional passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.

C.A.C.A. is a lead community sponsor of the Chinese American World War II Veteran Congressional Gold Medal Act signed into law by President Donald Trump on December 20, 2018, to pay tribute to 20,000 Chinese American World War II veterans.

C.A.C.A. holds its monthly meeting at the Lodge on the first Saturday of every month at 3 pm, and the fellowship dinner at 5 pm.

秉公堂現任 (多土生會員) 開會以英文為主 主席: 伍永昌 Wayne Ng | 副主席: 馬劉愛瓊 Daisy Ma

年份 主席
1912 劉元 Yuen Lau
1913-1914 李麟 Thing Lee
1915 周拔五 Ting Jawk Jue
1916 劉元 Yuen Lau
1917 黃顯 Henry Wong
1918 譚森 Sam Tom
1919 李麟 Thing Lee
1920 劉佛照 Chew Low
1921-1925 李秀卿 Shue Hing Lee
1926-1929 洪耀宗 Y.C. Hong
1930-1934 黃相 Thomas S. Wong
1935-1936 何炳郁 Bing Haw
1937-1940 司徒元發 Peter Soo Hoo
1941-1949 李秀卿 Shue Hing Lee
1950-1952 黃相 Thomas S. Wong
1953-1955 呂洪 Hong Lui
1956-1957 黃啟熙 Thomas A. Wong
1958 劉觀華 Henry Lowe
1959 葉盈 Nging Yip
1960 郭尚英 Henry Kwok
1961-1962 胡國棟 Wilbur Woo
1963-1964 張廷威 Fred Chung
1965-1966 劉華鑣 Billy Lew
1967-1968 譚繼曾 George Tom
1969-1970 洪世綸 Nowland Hong
1971-1972 黎國威 Irvin R. Lai
1973 張廷威 Fred Chung
1974-1975 黃國信 Herbert Wong
1976-1977 劉識 Sam Sik Low
1978-1979 黃冠庭 William K. Wong
1980-1981 譚賢曾 Baldwin Tom
1982-1983 譚玉生 William Y.S. Tom
1984-1985 關日樞 Howard Quon
1986 張子峰 Jimmie D. Jung
1987-1988 梁愛華 Edward Leon Jr.
1989-1990 李榮健 Edward W. Lee
1991-1992 符之堅 Saykin Foo
1993 郭民生 Munson A. Kwok
1994-1995 伍健 Winston K. Wu
1996-1997 曾彬邦 Robert B. Jung
1998 葉寶鋌 Stanley Yep
1999-2000 黎文郁 Collin Lai
2001-2002 陳燦培 Pedro Chan
2003-2004 梅志堅 Chi Mui
2005-2006 周士光 Jimmy Joe
2007-2008 翁暉 Philip H. Young
2009-2010 馬劉愛瓊 Daisy Ma
2011-2012 黃煜臻 James Bok Wong
2013 鄭舒蘭 Suellen Cheng
2014-2015 梅元宇 Eugene W. Moy
2016-2017 余麗娟 Annie Yee
2018-2019 伍健庭 Rick Eng
2020 伍永昌 Wayne Ng
2021 伍永昌 Wayne Ng
2022 伍永昌 Wayne Ng