Bing Kong Tong Association


957 North Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90012

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Bing Kong Tong Association of Los Angeles established in 1877, the third year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu. It is one of the earliest overseas Chinese organizations with a long history of 142 years. The Bing Kong Tong building was build in 1947 in the Chinatown of Los Angeles .Three stores in the 1st floor; the 2nd floor is the meeting hall, used exclusively for Bing Kong Tong to enshrine the memorial tablets of the fve masters and worship Yibo and Holy Emperor Guan. All brothers and members share weal and woe and uphold the spirit of loyalty, flial piety, benevolence, justice and philanthropist.

Bing Kong Tong Association of Los Angeles is one of the frst Chinese American organizations founded in America and continues to serve the public by upholding justice, respect, freedom, democracy and human kindness. We promote peace, security, environmental protection and sustainability for local communities both in the Los Angeles region and, indeed, around the world.

Bing Kong Tong had assisted Sun Yat-Sen’s revolutionary cause. And Bing Kong Tong has numerous outstanding members, including leaders of business, leaders of Organization and electric ofcers; we service our community and contributions to our community.

This year is 142th anniversary of Bing Kong Tong Association of Los Angeles and 72th anniversary of the Building. We will hold series of philanthropic events to unite people of all circles and seek harmonious and rewarding development. As one of the most influential Chinese American organization, we will remember and learn from the past and carry forward their spirits of diligence, benevolence, loyalty, flial piety and justice.

秉公堂現任 主席: 馬培道 | 副主席: 聶澤英

年份 主席 年份 主席
1956 黃衛 1957 鄺如灼
1958 呂榮 1959~60 關月樓
1961~62 周來登 1963~64 關月樓
1965~66 黃啟均 1967~68 關月樓
1969 黃啟均 1970~71 周來登
1972 林榮添 1973~74 黃光峰
1975 周來登 1976 李樹芳
1977~78 張子峰 1979~80 黃彝世
1981 譚汝熙 1993~94 方伯剛
1995~96 黃健文 1997 金樫雄
1998~99 黃文禮 2000~01 伍聯瑛
2004~05 劉國豪 2008 劉國豪
2009~10 伍偉亨 2011 馬培道
2012~13 伍偉亨 2014 馬培道
2015~16 李玉佩 2017 黃碧琴
2018 聶澤英 2019 聶澤英
2020 羅淑珍 2021 羅淑珍
2022 馬培道 2023
2024 2025